November, 2014

FLENSBURG (teachers)

- Kick-off teachers only meeting.
- Planning project strategies
- Staff creative skills development.

January 2015


-Invitation and speeches of successful entrepreneurs
-Students draw conclusions on common leadership values
-teachers, students and professional coaches lead practical workshops on leadership skills

March 2015


-National teams present their innovative ideas to improve education
-A “multinational education team” (multinational company) is founded and a common vision is agreed upon

June 2015

BARCELONA (teachers)

-Business owners are invited to talk about business & marketing strategies
-Carry out needs analysis for the idea in their schools, compare multinational results, correct flaws that may exist in the design and marketing strategy, do an early-stage financial analysis

November 2015


-Design the logo.
-Put in common the work done until now.
-Start testing the product.

March/April 2016


-Putting strategic planning stages into practice
-Designing product or service
-Launching the new product or service at their schools

June 2016

CATANIA (teachers)

- Evaluation of main actions and aims.
- Final report writing


The SEE project officially started for students at Berlin.

The morning was focused on the concept of entrepreneur and the testimonies of successful entrepreneurs. First it was the turn of three former students from Bertha Von Suttner to talk about their experience. They were the creator of Eventation and the creator of Fritz Cola. They told the difficulties they have passed through and how they had started. Then the audience had the opportunity to ask questions to them.

Later, each school representatives showed filmed interviews they have done to former students who had set up a business. It was very useful to know how others have managed to do what we were going to start.

In the afternoon the students did an activity by groups to work on leadership and cooperation. They were given some recycled articles and they had to create a product and sell it to the others.

To conclude the meeting there took place a contest to choose the official logo of the SEE project. Every school presented their prototype. The level was very high but finally it the Italian logo was the chosen one.

The Berlin’s Meeting finished with a brand new logo and a lot of information. From then each school would work on a possible business plan until Catania’s Meeting.


The SEE second meeting took place in Catania on March of 2015.The aim of the meeting was to present the ideas for the project of each school to make a final brainstorming to come up with a final project idea; WE LEARN.

During the first two days we presented the ideas. Each school developed a whole project, including the business plan, the web page design etc. It took us a lot of time because after each exposition we could make questions to each country to set exactly what they wanted to do and how they wanted to develop it.

After that, the teachers formed multinational teams randomly and we had all the afternoon to argue about all the presentations and to create a final idea mixing all of them. We were given a poster board and we present our final idea. Then we voted and the winners was We Learn. 


The third time students met was in London's Tolworth Girls School, November 26th - 30th 2015. On the first day, we did some ice breaking activities to promote leadership in mixed groups.

On the second day, we all went to British Library to attend a lecture about business plan making. We were told about the Business Model Canvas. We could also enjoy a little bit of London and Kingston.

The third day was the most intensive. We shared all the work we had done so far, i.e. the business plan, the advertising video, the video for investors, the logo competition... We also chose the new WeLearn winning logo, assessed by the branding director of  the Imperial War Museum.


On the next 10th of March some members of the Erasmus + group are flying to the heart of the Netherlands. As you may know the last meeting was held in the capital of Great Britain, London. This time we are headed to Bergen Op Zoom. There, we will discuss and put in common all of the evolution we have carried out since the last meeting. We expect it to be both educational and fantastic. 


10th March – 14th  March 2016

Key Focus of Transnational Conference:

Coming together, Reviewing Work Done, Learning Marketing Skills, Peer assessment, Team Work



Activity & Time

People involved

Thursday 10th  March


From appr. 11.00 Lokaal 13

Arrival of delegate groups by taxi at RSG t Rijks

Collection from BoZ railway station by students RSG

Tour of the premises / classes with Rijks students


13.00 Lunch

14.00-14.30 Kerk

Conference Welcome

Distribution of conference materials


Ice-breaking activities for students


Good Practice: Setting up your own business

15.30 – 16.00

“filling the website” All delegates to bring material that can be uploaded to the website


15.30 – 16.30 Teacher meeting  Spreekkamer 2


20.00 – 21.00 Student activity – Bowling

Optional visit of Havo student’s concert K and C


20.00 Staff evening meal – Bergen op Zoom



Visiting Delegates

Rijks students in the project

Rijks staff – G Matthijssen, J Vijfhuizen, V Tasdan




Hosting RIJKS students to join in with Welcome & ice-breaking activities

V Tasdan



Rijks staff –G Matthijssen, J Vijfhuizen, V Tasdan


Students to pay 7,50 per student including drink




Friday 11th March

Host Families to provide packed lunch for guests

10.00 All involved meet in Kerk


10.15 - 11.00

Presentation on “Rijks in Bedrijf” How to introduce entrepreneurship into the school curriculum

11.15 -13.00 Students work on WelearnSee website and promotional material using the Web, doing field research

11.15 -13.00 Teacher meeting  Spreekkamer 2


14.3016.30 School library

Workshop Web and Pizza (A workshop on marketing your website using modern (social) media)

21.00 Student Social Activity – evening in town

20.00 Staff evening meal – Bergen op Zoom

Restaurant de Hemel


Visiting Delegates / students ‘t Rijks

Rijks staff –G Matthijssen, J Vijfhuizen,



L Delahaye

Visiting delegates / students ‘t Rijks






Weblish Manuela van Prooijen, Samir Rafiq, Berry van Es

Saturday 12th March

Host Families to provide packed lunch for guests



Students & Staff arrive at school


Main building

10.00 -11.00

Entrepreneurial Strategies: Developing an Effective Business Plan and Presentation




Main Building Library

11.15 – 12.15

Working on the website /marketing / business plan sharing ideas

11.15 – 12.15 teacher meeting


12.15 – 12.45

Lunch in staffroom (bring packed lunch!!)


13.00 - 16.00

Visit  Markiezenhof (Guided tour)

Shopping Bergen op Zoom

16.30 Finish

Hosts pick up from school


14.00 – 15.00 teacher meeting

15.27 -Staff to take train to Breda

16.00 Sightseeing / shopping / socializing


Staff wine tasting and food event–

Latour Breda

Visiting Delegates / students ‘t Rijks

Rijks staff –G Matthijssen, J Vijfhuizen



Video University of San Diego

























Sunday 13th March

Host Families to provide packed lunch for guests


Meet at school 10.30 departure by coach to Rotterdam

Main sights by coach, Central Station, market hall followed by individual exploration of the City’s  modern Architecture and Museums

Teachers – sightseeing/ shopping


Lunch (Packed lunch or pub meal)


Meet coach at arranged meeting point


Arrive back at school for host pick up



Student Social Activity – evening meal @Amber’s

Students in host families prepare for return journey.


Staff evening meal to be decided – Bergen op Zoom or Rotterdam (for those who wish to stay a bit longer)

Visiting teachers

Rijks Staff G Matthijssen,

J Vijfhuizen













Student’s pay for themselves




Monday 14th March


Erasmus students and staff delegates gather in the K and C building cafetaria



Students: in country groups students prepare a piece for camera for a SEE video clip on the Bergen op Zoom visit. What have you learnt, done SEEn etc.


9.30 – 11.00 Teacher meeting Spreekkamers 1/2






Brad Philpot of Philpot Education on Setting up a company in the field of education



Finale – Summing up of project to date, tasks for next phase, work to be completed before the evaluation meeting in Catania in June 2016. Student feedback forms

Group Photo-



Visitors prepare to leave.

All visitors and

J Vijfhuizen and G Matthijssen














Brad Philpot




Analyzing the meeting (Part1)

Talking: Leon (Germany), Gabriele (Italy), Sílvia and Greta (Spain)

Analyzing the meeting (Part2)

Talking: Andrea and Víctor (Spain), Johanna, Amelie and Chantal (Germany)

Bergen op Zoom meeting (photos and videos).